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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

UPDATE: SEP for India is currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions put in place. We apologise for the disappointments and inconveniences but currently we do not have any host sites due to COVID-19. In normal circumstances under the aegis of the IIPC, the college has created a few centres, each one focusing on an area of interest to industry, with a view to bridging the gap between the desired and the attainable. The following are the centres: 1. Centre for Drug Testing. 2. Centre for Discovery and Development of Small Molecules. 3. Centre for Drug Regulatory Affairs. 4. Centre for Novel Drug Delivery Technologies. 5. Centre for Drug Safety and Evaluation. 6. Centre for Biomolecule Prospecting from Soil and Marine Sources. 7. Centre for Health Economics and Outcome Research. 8. Centre for Toxicovigilance.

COMMUNITY/HOSPITAL PHARMACY: Applicants can interact with patients, doctors, pharmacy students and interns in the hospitals. 1.Kasturba Hospital , Manipal 2.T.M.A Pai Hospital, Udupi

RETAIL PHARMACY: Applicants can work in retail pharmacy in Manipal.

Length of training periods

The students can undertake projects for 3-8 weeks based on their preferences and projects

Available months and cities

Only city we can offer internships presently is Manipal.

Type accommodation

The accommodations will be in University hostel/guest house. The accommodation will be paid for by the applicant. The approximate price will be 15USD per night + tax as per Indian Govt.

Accommodation is subject to availability.

Language requirements

English is mandatory. It would be beneficial to know Hindi.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

VISA must be as per the rules of the Indian Government. The applicant is responsible for getting his/her VISA after thoroughly reading the terms and conditions. VISA on arrival is not accepted.

Selection Procedures

The students have to send in the applications four months in advance. (If an applicant wants to start a project in June , the application should be sent in by January 31st.)

The students will be chosen by the host on the basis of the CV and motivation letter

Last updated on 28/10/2019