National Association of Pharmacy Students – Serbia

 NAPSer aims to create a single national center, which represents the interests of local pharmacy students in the country and abroad and helps their professional development through projects and campaigns that represent public and professional initiatives which follow the latest global trends and aspirations in pharmacy and health care.
Through the projects and campaigns which connect colleagues at home and abroad, NAPSer aims to help students become high-quality pharmacy and competent health professionals aware of the importance of pharmacy in a health system and pharmacists in the Health Care team.

What makes NAPSer Unique within our Federation?

“We have many projects which happen during whole year, but the most anticipated event is National Congress at Zlatibor! Around 300 pharmacy students of Serbia and abroad gather on the mountain Zlatibor where they have classes, educational workshops and parties for four days. Experts in pharmacy and medical sciences gather and share tehir knowledge with the students. Fresh air and lovely mountain spirit surround the students while walking, ice-skating or drinking tea! Parties have themes and each year the themes are different. However, there is one party out of three which stays the same – party with masks! So you can be a pirate, fairy, crazy scientist or anything you can imagine! The congress at Zlatibor brings the best memories. Join us this year on our 10th NAPSer congress and you will not regret it! (You can check this with Lucas Ercolin! ­čÖé ).”

– ┬áKatarina Ba─çevi─ç, CP

National ExCo Members:

*as they appear on the picture, from left to right*
  • ┬áJovana ─îimbur: General Secretary
  • ┬áKatarina Ba─çevi─ç: IPSF CP
  • ┬áJovana Petrovi─ç: IPSF SEO
  • ┬áNeboj┼ía Salaj: Treasurer
  • ┬áMilo┼í ─Éor─Ĺevi─ç: Webmaster
  • ┬áIvan Mili─çevi─ç: President
  • ┬áSmiljka Tasi─ç: EPSA LS
  • ┬áMarija Petkovi─ç: PH Coordinator


Want to learn more about NAPSer? Check out their website!