Are you wondering who are the people training you and contributing to your personal trainer’s development in January  2014 at an IPSF Trainers Development Camp?
Now you can satisfy your curiosity!

Pawel CieslakPaweł Cieślak – trainer and project coordinator, member of The Academy – the trainer group for European Students Forum AEGEE. Graduated in psychology at the University of Warsaw (specialization in Support of Personality Development). He gained his trainer experience by working for Amnesty International’s Education Team, delivering sessions on AEGEE events on both local and international level and as a president of young trainers’ organisation at his university. Right now he works for a polish NGO called School for Leaders, developing and executing international training projects. He specializes in soft skills, including communication, teamwork, creativity and stress management, among others. He says that his favourite moment in trainings is seeing the change in the participants – that’s why he has been also developing himself in the field of individual coaching.

Mirna SmidtMirna Smidt is an independent Youth Trainer, Life Coach and Technical Projects System Engineer at Cisco Croatia. She started her trainers path in BEST Zagreb, through HR and continued by completing professional Trainer the trainer in 2008. Ever since she is delivering trainings in very diverse environments – from Leadership Summer School, Youth Trainers Academy and BEST Zagreb events, to Cisco and business environment. Working in global team and using flexibility of virtual work to work from all corners of the world and stretching her limits in search for an adventure took her to many places and very diverse experiences. Today she also makes part of Zero Generation team. Mirna is passionate about travel, learning, and diversity. Slightly hyperactive, she loves trying out new things and spends free time sailing, diving, riding, hiking, or searching for new exciting stuff to do, preferably some that include sea or mountains 🙂

Ramon MarftinezRamón Martínez – originally from the North of Spain, currently living in Germany. After some years giving classes through university, he found his place as international trainer in non-formal learning. Starting with trainings and workshops in leadership and group organization now his main fields of trainings are Human Rights and Conflict Resolution. His experience varies from being a trainer at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra – International Youth Center, Delhi, India, a Cultural Projects Coordinator in Ness El Fen, Tunisia, a trainer at United States Students Association Foundation (USSAF) for the project GrassRoots Organizing Weekend (GROW), a Leadership Summer School Trainer in 2012 and 2013 and many many more!

David CechlovskyCurrently the IPSF Chairperson of Professional Development and an EPSA trainer, that is David Čechlovský. He firstly collected experience by working for a local association. During many projects, conflicts raised, communication barriers occurred and partial burnout syndrome overwhelmed him. He saw the importance of improving himself in soft skills field. Therefore he absolved the famous Leadership Summer School in 2012 organized by IFISO and Training New Trainers EPSA-ESTIEM joined project in February 2013. Having the personal experience helped him to relate to specific topics within this area and successfully deliver over 30 hours of trainings. Right now he is working on his diploma thesis in field of pharmacokinetics in Bonn, Germany. He believes that educational institutes do provide mainly hard skills and therefore there is need for young students to take the leadership role in promoting and organizing soft skills trainings. One of many reasons, why he feels joy from delivering trainings, is the hope that at least one of the various participants will benefit from the trainings and overcome similar obstacles in a better way than David did.

Anna PerelkaAnna Perelka
A pharmacist, a migrant, daughter, sister, a cider-drinker and an aunt, a Polish, a flat mate, a best friend, an acquaintance and colleague, a hitch-hiker and couchsurfer, a Taurus, an employee, girlfriend, a skier, always a traveler never a tripper, a customer, a learner and trainer. Being very successful in some of the roles does not stop her from failing in others. She caught a training bug in 2010 and one year later completed a Training New Trainers event with European Pharmaceutical Student’s Association.
An LITer in 2011, coordinated a WC LIT on the methodology and content in 2013, currently an IPSF Training Coordinator. Delivered over 200 training hours for students with different backgrounds across the globe, raised two generations of trainers, interested in personal coaching. On a daily basis contributes to public healthcare in European Union performing a top secret 😉 project at European Medicines Agency.
Originally Polish, living in London at the moment, privately a fan of travelling, good food with even better people and creating the moments to recall with her grandchildren and bore them to death.

The whole TDC trainers team is waiting for you in Warsaw!