Federation of Pharmacy Students’ Associations in Romania

The National ExCo has 5 members: 
– Cristina Drăgan – President
– Alexandra Lupu – VP of External Affairs
– Liliana Cosma – VP of Internal Affairs
– Bianca Băluță – Secretary General
– Iulian Brătulescu – Treasurer
The team has 16 members.

Our motto is: “We make a better future for the pharmacy students!”

“We want to make a positive change in the society, to contribute to the development of the students and to improve the health of the population, because this is our role as pharmacists.
FASFR is the only national organisation from Romania which represents the pharmacy students. Under its umbrella there are 8 local associations. We organize many Public Health Campaigns which have a great impact all over the country. For example, last year, during World Diabetes Day, each association organized different activities such as powerpoint presentations in schools, blood sugar tests (1300) for students and citizens, a big blue circle of students. Also one of the coordinators had the opportunity to promote the campaign at a national TV show.
Our special project is called “interPRACTIS” and takes place during summer. For two weeks, pharmacy students from FASFR have the chance to broaden their professional skills and increase their knowledge by taking part in this project. It gives the opportunity to practice the field of pharmacy in several cities, bringing together students from different universities. It is the only project of its kind in Romania which offers the possibility to carry out summer internships in fields like hospital pharmacy, industry, research and warehouse from 8 cities of their choice.
Besides the campaigns, FASFR has two national events. In spring, we organize a Congress, where Romanian students can participate in workshops, trainings and symposiums. Also, during this Congress, the General Assembly chooses the new team. In winter we organize FASFR Academy where the main goal is the development of the professional and personal skills. The educational program is composed by discussion panels, workshops and trainings, a health campaign, a special fair of the local organisations and the GA as well. The number of the participants is smaller in order to provide the best educational programme.”
– Maria – Isabelle Pîslă, Contact Person