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CPSA, Croatia

What makes CPSA unique?

“Things I would like to highlight is that in last mandate we had the most organized public health campaigns (15 PHC) and we organized the first virtual congress with the theme ‘Dose of Pharmaceutical Future’. Students from over 40 countries participated in this congress. Last year we were recognised as the most active association in Online PCE and received the Sidney J. Relph award for most active association in the world. We’ve organized Patient Counselling Event and Clinical Skills Event. Last year we also started with a project called CPSApunčić. CPSApučić is held in kindergardens to teach children at young age about importance of personal hygiene. The name comes from Croatian word for little soap – sapunčić. This public health event last year was recognized by the University of Zagreb and won Rector’s Award.

Membership in CPSA is very affordable for our students, it is only 20 kn ( 2.67 €). Also every year we organize Annual Congress, it last for three days and our General Assembly in on the last day of Congress. Fee for the Congress is only 40 kn ( 5.33 €).

Our unique project is Virtual PharmaCon. In December 2016 we organized the second edition. This project aims to connect lecturers from a range of countries with students from all around the globe by utilizing the possibilities of modern technologies. We believe that these kind of projects will enable a better knowledge and information exchange among our colleagues, as well as an advancement of our profession. It enables participants to listen to great lectures from comfort of their home without paying any registration fee.”

– Iva Mitrović, Contact Person

Purpose statement of CPSA:

Croatian Pharmacy and Medical Biochemistry Students’ Association (or shortly, CPSA) is independent non-profit association. It has been founded in 1994 at the initiative of the Student Council. At first the aim was simply the improvement of students’ life by connecting them in an association where they could change ideas, but in the following years CPSA grew bigger and expanded its field of work. CPSA is the only association representing pharmacy and medical biochemistry students in Croatia; including two schools – one in Zagreb and the other one in Split. Consisting of 150 members, CPSA organizes fundraising activities and primarily promotes education of its students on regional level by informing them on topics regarding profession, health, news and current issues from the field of biomedical sciences through meetings and public campaigns. As an independent association, CPSA exercises cooperation with partners in both country and the world with the aim of realization of various projects and campaigns.

CPSA Leadership:

Executive Board:

  • President: Bruno Rački (
  • Secretary: Jelena Kurija (
  • EPSA Liaison Secretary (LS): Marin Tušinec (
  • IPSF Contact Person (CP): Iva Mitrović (
  • Student Exchange Officer (SEO): Tajana Iva Pejaković (
  • Commisioner for Advertising and Sponsorship: Sara Šipicki (

Supervisory Board:

  • Petra Neralić (
  • Mia Šojat (
  • Stjepan Perić (


  • IMP Coordinator: Marin Vrhovac (
  • TWINNET Coordinator: Marin Vrhovac (
  • Publications Coordinator: Severina Jajčević (
  • LEO Zagreb: Jelena Mišić (
  • CSE Coordinator: Luka Bender (
  • PCE Coordinator: Dalia Vađunec (
  • PHC Zagreb: Jelena Durbek (
  • IT Coordinator: Karlo Žili (
  • General Contact for Split/PHC: Tomislav Marković (
  • LEO Split: Marija Vladović (

Find CPSA on Social Media:

ASEPA, Algeria

17 February 2017

Congratulations to ASEPA for winning our Social Media Challenge!

ASEPA recruited over 700 members to join our IPSF Global Family Facebook Community, winning them a social media shout-out on our Instagram!

Not a part of the family yet? Be sure to join to meet members from around the world and compete in future events!

“Making Algerian pharmacy students of today,  the best leaders of tomorrow!”

This is the motto of ASEPA. When asked what sets ASEPA apart, their CP, Ziryeb, said it best:

“What makes our organization unique is the family atmosphere that prevails in the association; a strong feeling of belonging to ASEPA animates us. We all work together, we are all focused in the same direction: making Algerian pharmacy well developed, and raising awareness of the people about health problems. Our campaigns are a real success, we sensitize most often for an average of 400 people. We are now over 500 students and the family still growing!”

The Current Executive Board of ASEPA:

  • President: Ramy Chablaine
  • General Secretary: Nadjib Boukersi
  • Treasurer: Rania Oulad Abdellah
  • Contact Person: Ziryeb Kandi
  • Student Exchange Officier: Anas Yousfi
  • Public Health Chairperson: Chahrazed Saadi
  • Humanitarian Chairperson: Meriem Ould Slimane
  • Media and Publications Chairperson: Naim Hellal
  • Educational Activities Chairperson: Mohamed Sidi Ali
  • Professional Development Chairperson: Amina Boudi
  • Public Relations Chairperson: Morgane Thaminy

Want to learn more about ASEPA? Visit their Website!

LPSA, Lebanon

The mission of LPSA is to improve public health by:

  • Advancing pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science;
  • Responding to national and global challenges in health, health education, and workforce strategies;
  • Serving as the national, collective voice of students and recent graduates in pharmacy;
  • Equip members for professional life in national and international settings;
  • Increase member involvement in global health;
  • Strengthen inter-professional commitment to healthcare;
  • Provide opportunities for professional development, education, and international exchange;
  • Disseminate scientific and professional knowledge;
  • Advocate for improvements to pharmaceutical education strategies;
  • Advocate for improvements to health systems.


Names of ExCo members:

  • LPSA President: Elsa Kobeissy
  • Vice President: Rayan Akkawi
  • IPSF Contact Person: Nancy Hoyeck
  • LPSA Student Exchange Officer: Farah Salhab
  • LPSA Treasurer: Carol Najd
  • LPSA Secretary: Ahmad Badr

What makes LPSA unique?

The Lebanese Pharmacy Students Association was founded in 2013 by five pharmacy students. Before LPSA’s formation, no official entity represented pharmacy students in Lebanon, with the exception of a few clubs that were usually restricted to students from particular universities and schools. LPSA aims to gather members from all over Lebanon, increase networking opportunities, and to promote public health in a country where it is much needed, through the provision of information, education, raising awareness, and a range of professional activities.

Last August, LPSA organized the first ever Lebanese Pharmaceutical Symposium including an educational symposium on sudden cardiac death, workshops tackling pharmacy practice and public health, a clinical skills event, and patient counseling event.

LPSA has also taken part, through pharmacy student volunteers, in the mobile clinic H.O.M.E’s initiative in providing free health care services to refugees every Saturday.

Not to mention, LPSA has participated in several public health activities, such as ACDC, WDD, and World Cancer Day.

And finally, LPSA’s student exchange program is finding great success and growth: more and more participants are coming to Lebanon from around the world, and more Lebanese pharmacy students sharing what Lebanon is all about.

JPSA Jordan

JPSA hosted the first Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS) back in 2010,  and we will be hosting the 7th EMPS in 2018.

The current Executive Board of JPSA:

National Board:

  • Student Exchange Officer – Bilal Al-Aarag
  • Contact Person – Mais Halaiqah

JU Local Committee Board:

  • President – Zeina Qaisieh
  • Secretary General – Dara Al-Fakhouri
  • Treasurer – Shehada Abu Zema
  • Humanitarian Campaigns Coordinator – Shahed Jaber

JUST Local Committee Board:

  • President – Mohammad Al-Ghzawi
  • Treasurer -Lutfi Al Zuraiqi
  • Professional Development Program Coordinator – Mohammad Al-Numan

“Pharmacy students in Jordan have so much potential;  they just need awareness, support, and guidance for it to be unleashed. Directing students’ energies to achieve accomplishments will result in positive outcomes for both individuals as well as their communities. By realizing the importance of pharmacy students’ role in their communities and the need for an entity to guide the students, Jordan Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (JPSA) was established.” – Mais, JPSA CP

Find JPSA on Facebook and Twitter!

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