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Asociaón de Estudiantes de Farmacia  de la República Argentina

National EXco members:

President: Roberto Chaile.

Secretary General: Florencia Flores.

Treasurer: Franco Rizo.

Membership Secretary: Anahi Zanetti.

Communication Secretary: Bruno Da Passano.

Public Health Secretary: Federico Verona.

Academic and Pharmacy Education Secretary: Estefania Peralta Lopez.

Auditing Committee: Chair: Telma Acosta.

Substitute: Melissa del Rosario Tolava .

IPSF Contact Person: Cecilia Zuccarelli.

Student Exchange Officer: Damian Romero.

AEFRA (Argentine Republic Pharmacy Students’ Association) is a non-governmental organization for pharmacy students, founded in 2012 in San Luis. We are currently based all over the country, and we are dedicated to lead basic processes for the academic and professional development to all our members, through educational, social and cultural activities, seeking to benefit the national pharmaceutical community and the population in general.

We think AEFRA’s is one of a kind association. If you are wondering why, the answer is very simple: we, the Argentinian, are spontaneous, outgoing, supportive, and we have this unique feature – we always do whatever we really want (even if we don’t have the minimal idea of what we are doing!). This particular and rare feature, which sometimes is confused with stubbornness, always pushed us forward to face all the dreams and challenges along the way in our short life as an association. A convincing proof of this, is that we as a 4-year old association, organized 4 National Congresses, the 9th Pan American Regional Symposium, 3 AEFRA’s Solidary Programmes, the Students and Young Pharmacists’ Package for FIP World Congress 2016, and soon in 2018, we will be proud of hosting the 64th IPSF World Congress. In addition, we got the IPSF Full membership in 2015, and won several grants as the Best New Association in the world in 2015, Best Regional Association two years in a row (2015- 2016), and lastly Best Regional Contact Person and Best regional SEO in 2016. All of these achievements have been possible thanks to our strong will and sacrifice to move forward above all obstacles and always with the strongest passion and love for pharmacy that you will ever find in anyone. Therefore, if you meet an AEFRA member sometime, you will get to know a rare mixed of steel spirit, unbreakable will, giant heart and passionate pharmacy lover, with our most delighting feature – wherever we are, we are always going to bring joy and happiness to all our friends and partners. Wishful that one day you could visit us and know our wonderful country, we invite you to come to Mendoza in 2018 to taste the most delicious wine and beautiful landscapes. There you will learn about pharmacy innovation and enroll to the global improvement of pharmacy that IPSF and AEFRA both support since their creation.


Portuguese Association Of Pharmacy Students

Website​ | Facebook

The National ExCo members

  • President: Diana Carvalho.
  • Vice President for External Relations: Manuel Talhinhas.
  • Vice President for Internal Relations: Sofia Fonte.
  • Treasurer: Bárbara Ramalho.
  • Secretary General: Rodrigo Ramos. 
  • Department of Health Promotion and Education: Carolina Rodrigues. 
  • Department of Internships and Professional Development: Adriana Machado.
  • Department of Education and Formation: Diana Lopes.
  • Design and Image Department: Luís Silva.
  • Commercial Department: João Paulino.
  • Cultural Department: Patrícia Capucho.
  • EPSA Liaison Secretary/ National IMP Coordinator: Leonor Pereira.
  • IPSF Contact Person/Student Exchange Officer: Raquel Oliveira.

Our motto is:

“A APEF de hoje, na génese e vanguarda do Farmacêutico do futuro.”  – Today´s APEF, at the genesis and vanguard of the future pharmacist.

The Portuguese Association of Pharmacy Students was founded on December 9, 1998. It emerged as a response to the inherent need to represent students of the Integrated Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Together, they have built a cohesive and united front, which is designed to defend students’ interests and complement the curriculum of Pharmaceutical Sciences Teaching Institutions from all over the country.

Bearing in mind that the pharmacist brings together unique values, APEF intends to complement what has already been taught in teaching institutions with new and bold perspectives of training and education, health education, knowledge of career opportunities, international presence, commercial and marketing vision, media and image strategy and cultural linkage.




FASFR, Romania

Federation of Pharmacy Students’ Associations in Romania

The National ExCo has 5 members: 
– Cristina Drăgan – President
– Alexandra Lupu – VP of External Affairs
– Liliana Cosma – VP of Internal Affairs
– Bianca Băluță – Secretary General
– Iulian Brătulescu – Treasurer
The team has 16 members.

Our motto is: “We make a better future for the pharmacy students!”

“We want to make a positive change in the society, to contribute to the development of the students and to improve the health of the population, because this is our role as pharmacists.
FASFR is the only national organisation from Romania which represents the pharmacy students. Under its umbrella there are 8 local associations. We organize many Public Health Campaigns which have a great impact all over the country. For example, last year, during World Diabetes Day, each association organized different activities such as powerpoint presentations in schools, blood sugar tests (1300) for students and citizens, a big blue circle of students. Also one of the coordinators had the opportunity to promote the campaign at a national TV show.
Our special project is called “interPRACTIS” and takes place during summer. For two weeks, pharmacy students from FASFR have the chance to broaden their professional skills and increase their knowledge by taking part in this project. It gives the opportunity to practice the field of pharmacy in several cities, bringing together students from different universities. It is the only project of its kind in Romania which offers the possibility to carry out summer internships in fields like hospital pharmacy, industry, research and warehouse from 8 cities of their choice.
Besides the campaigns, FASFR has two national events. In spring, we organize a Congress, where Romanian students can participate in workshops, trainings and symposiums. Also, during this Congress, the General Assembly chooses the new team. In winter we organize FASFR Academy where the main goal is the development of the professional and personal skills. The educational program is composed by discussion panels, workshops and trainings, a health campaign, a special fair of the local organisations and the GA as well. The number of the participants is smaller in order to provide the best educational programme.”
– Maria – Isabelle Pîslă, Contact Person

NAPSer, Serbia

National Association of Pharmacy Students – Serbia

 NAPSer aims to create a single national center, which represents the interests of local pharmacy students in the country and abroad and helps their professional development through projects and campaigns that represent public and professional initiatives which follow the latest global trends and aspirations in pharmacy and health care.
Through the projects and campaigns which connect colleagues at home and abroad, NAPSer aims to help students become high-quality pharmacy and competent health professionals aware of the importance of pharmacy in a health system and pharmacists in the Health Care team.

What makes NAPSer Unique within our Federation?

“We have many projects which happen during whole year, but the most anticipated event is National Congress at Zlatibor! Around 300 pharmacy students of Serbia and abroad gather on the mountain Zlatibor where they have classes, educational workshops and parties for four days. Experts in pharmacy and medical sciences gather and share tehir knowledge with the students. Fresh air and lovely mountain spirit surround the students while walking, ice-skating or drinking tea! Parties have themes and each year the themes are different. However, there is one party out of three which stays the same – party with masks! So you can be a pirate, fairy, crazy scientist or anything you can imagine! The congress at Zlatibor brings the best memories. Join us this year on our 10th NAPSer congress and you will not regret it! (You can check this with Lucas Ercolin! 🙂 ).”

–  Katarina Baćević, CP

National ExCo Members:

*as they appear on the picture, from left to right*
  •  Jovana Čimbur: General Secretary
  •  Katarina Baćević: IPSF CP
  •  Jovana Petrović: IPSF SEO
  •  Nebojša Salaj: Treasurer
  •  Miloš Đorđević: Webmaster
  •  Ivan Milićević: President
  •  Smiljka Tasić: EPSA LS
  •  Marija Petković: PH Coordinator


Want to learn more about NAPSer? Check out their website!

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