February 2017 Crazy Clinical Corner

Patient Case:

Rosalie Lopez is a 76 year old woman. She comes into your pharmacy to get something for heartburn. She says she has had heartburn before, but this is a lot stronger and didn’t start after eating spicy food (her usual trigger). She said that it is so painful it is making it hard to breath and her usual salbutamol inhaler is not helping much. Alerted by these comments you ask if she is feeling any other symptoms and she says that whilst the pain in heartburn is usually in the middle of the chest today it is more up one side to her neck and shoulder. Realising what seems to be happening you ask her to sit down and call an ambulance.


1: What is Rosalie most likely suffering from?

2: What medication can be given to help Anne now?

3: When in hospital what medication will she be started to prevent it occurring again?