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The Student Exchange Experience

Dear pharmacy students,

It’s with  great pleasure that I’m writing to all of you once again… By this time the majority of you are wondering about when, where and with who are going to be placed for SEP!

I can assure you the SEOs are all giving their best efforts to run SEP smoothly and of course to please all the students according their requests and needs. The application period is closed and the lucky ones who got approved, I can tell that an amazing experience is waiting for you! Packing for the summer, for a new experience may be the change that you needed in your life and certainly it will make the difference in your career, as an experience overseas means more than just another internship in a pharmaceutical area. By taking SEP experience a possible employer can automatically classify you as an active, responsible, open minded and independent person that is not afraid to take a chance when the opportunity shows up. Of course these characteristics are mandatory for the future leaders of pharmacy world.

The 7 Continents are all very unique in their own way and can provide you the best knowledge in specific areas, have you ever though about the possibility of taking a SEP internship on WHO Rwanda? Afro Region is the continent by excellence where you can work on humanitarian causes, develop public health campaigns and have further knowledge on epidemiology. On the other hand, PARO can offer a totally different vision… In Colombia you will find amazing botanical gardens where you could develop your bothanical and pharmocognosy knowledge. EMRO, where you have the possibility of experiencing work with top level professionals, did you check the information from these Associations? Tunisia and Egypt have placements in all pharmaceutical areas, and also check Jordan you might be surprise on what they have to offer.

Going to the east, APRO is the region where associations are so well known for providing amazing placements in industry! Have you heard the feedback from students who performed their SEP in India or Malaysia?

And of course, we cannot forget about the old Europe, full of opportunities and clinical placements that may suit any student no matter the year of studies!

For those who weren’t selected this year, I’ll leave you with a friendly advice, don’t get yourself disappointed, next year you’ll have the opportunity of applying again! 😉
Think positive!

By taking chances myself, I moved from Lisbon (Portugal) to London (UK), where I’m performing an internship, and can assure that I’ve fallen in love by the city and the new people I’ve met. I am embracing new traditions and learning everyday about myself, the others and pharmacy world!

Get ready for SEP Experience and remember every country is singular in the experience provided so get all the information from your host SEO and start packing for the summer… Make sure you have your passport stamped with stamps of multiple countries, most importantly  hopefully you would get a SEP Stamp!

Joana Carrasqueira
Chairperson of Student Exchange 2012-2013

FIP Centennial

Since establishment, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) has had their headquarters located in The Netherlands, and for its Centennial, FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences returned to the bases where everything started. Under the theme of Improving Health through Responsible Medicines Use, hundreds of pharmacists from all over the world got together during 6 days to be present with a delightful program supported by world class speakers. FIP World Congress also offers different opportunities according to its different sections that cover all pharmaceutical areas. For the 100th Anniversary, FIP has organized a Students’ Package in collaboration with International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA) and Koninklijke Nederlandse Pharmaceutische Studenten Vereniging (K.N.P.S.V.).  The Students’ Package allows students to take part in FIP Congress with a special registration fee which included accommodation, meals, and social events so it is a good opportunity for students to access professional events at an affordable price. As future pharmacists it is very enriching to be involved in an environment where different areas of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences are being discussed, and hopefully they will fulfill the expectations of the students by complementing the academia curricula. At the Exhibition IPSF was present with a booth where its history could be discovered, as well as aims, goals, programs and events. Also IPSF’s merchandise could be found at the booth. Be involved, network, and be active in the pharmacy profession. Join your colleagues during FIP World Congress in Dublin, Ireland from 31st of August until 5th September 2013. Don’t miss out the opportunity to take part in one of the most recognized congresses in the pharmacy world.

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