17 February 2017

Congratulations to ASEPA for winning our Social Media Challenge!

ASEPA recruited over 700 members to join our IPSF Global Family Facebook Community, winning them a social media shout-out on our Instagram!

Not a part of the family yet? Be sure to join to meet members from around the world and compete in future events!

“Making Algerian pharmacy students of today,  the best leaders of tomorrow!”

This is the motto of ASEPA. When asked what sets ASEPA apart, their CP, Ziryeb, said it best:

“What makes our organization unique is the family atmosphere that prevails in the association; a strong feeling of belonging to ASEPA animates us. We all work together, we are all focused in the same direction: making Algerian pharmacy well developed, and raising awareness of the people about health problems. Our campaigns are a real success, we sensitize most often for an average of 400 people. We are now over 500 students and the family still growing!”

The Current Executive Board of ASEPA:

  • President: Ramy Chablaine
  • General Secretary: Nadjib Boukersi
  • Treasurer: Rania Oulad Abdellah
  • Contact Person: Ziryeb Kandi
  • Student Exchange Officier: Anas Yousfi
  • Public Health Chairperson: Chahrazed Saadi
  • Humanitarian Chairperson: Meriem Ould Slimane
  • Media and Publications Chairperson: Naim Hellal
  • Educational Activities Chairperson: Mohamed Sidi Ali
  • Professional Development Chairperson: Amina Boudi
  • Public Relations Chairperson: Morgane Thaminy

Want to learn more about ASEPA? Visit their Website!