Portuguese Association Of Pharmacy Students

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The National ExCo members

  • President: Diana Carvalho.
  • Vice President for External Relations: Manuel Talhinhas.
  • Vice President for Internal Relations: Sofia Fonte.
  • Treasurer: Bárbara Ramalho.
  • Secretary General: Rodrigo Ramos. 
  • Department of Health Promotion and Education: Carolina Rodrigues. 
  • Department of Internships and Professional Development: Adriana Machado.
  • Department of Education and Formation: Diana Lopes.
  • Design and Image Department: Luís Silva.
  • Commercial Department: João Paulino.
  • Cultural Department: Patrícia Capucho.
  • EPSA Liaison Secretary/ National IMP Coordinator: Leonor Pereira.
  • IPSF Contact Person/Student Exchange Officer: Raquel Oliveira.

Our motto is:

“A APEF de hoje, na génese e vanguarda do Farmacêutico do futuro.”  – Today´s APEF, at the genesis and vanguard of the future pharmacist.

The Portuguese Association of Pharmacy Students was founded on December 9, 1998. It emerged as a response to the inherent need to represent students of the Integrated Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Together, they have built a cohesive and united front, which is designed to defend students’ interests and complement the curriculum of Pharmaceutical Sciences Teaching Institutions from all over the country.

Bearing in mind that the pharmacist brings together unique values, APEF intends to complement what has already been taught in teaching institutions with new and bold perspectives of training and education, health education, knowledge of career opportunities, international presence, commercial and marketing vision, media and image strategy and cultural linkage.