Date: March 17, 2017

AEFFUP, Portugal

This is AEFFUP!

Associação de Estudantes da Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade do Porto

Students’ Association of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto


The mission of AEFFUP is to defend the rights of students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto, being the voice of our students. AEFFUP also has a role of representation of its associates before national and international student associations and the professional sector of the Pharmaceutical Sciences area.


We believe that AEFFUP is composed of all its associates and that its governing bodies are only the engine of the one that is the will of all. We believe that the greater the involvement in associative life, the better the students of today and the pharmacists of tomorrow. Participation in the General Student Meetings is decisive for AEFFUP’s decision-making and advancement processes and the development of even more ambitious projects will be achieved through the presence of demanding associates and motivated leaders.

What makes AEFFUP Unique?

AEFFUP has a rich and dynamic activity plan, so that the associates can develop a set of core competencies for their valuation as students and future health professionals. We present our students with the possibility of different courses complementary to our Masters’ degree, sessions of Patient Counseling, the Pharmaceutical Forum and the Scientific Congress. We also emphasize cultural and sports activities, and we consider them fundamental for the good intellectual and human development.

AEFFUP is proud to have an Extracurricular Internship Program that prepares students for the future profession and exploration of career opportunities, as well as a range of activities to approach the profession and the community, such as the Cardiovascular Screening. Continued student support is also an essential focus of our performance, and we are constantly concerned with the personal and academic success of our associates.



  • Marcos Teixeira
  • Liliana Mourão
  • João Rosa
  • Norberto Parente
  • Vasco Teixeira
  • Júlia Amoreira
  • Mónica Gomes
  • Paulo Novais
  • Beatriz Cruz
  • Duarte Nóbrega
  • Daniela Monteiro
  • Diana Guedes
  • Jacinta Barbosa
  • Juliana Silva
  • Sofia Coelho
  • Daniela Silva
  • José Paulo Santos
  • Maria Ana Martins
  • Mariana Frazão
  • Miguel Neves
  • Beatriz Rios

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February 2017 Crazy Clinical Corner

Patient Case:

Rosalie Lopez is a 76 year old woman. She comes into your pharmacy to get something for heartburn. She says she has had heartburn before, but this is a lot stronger and didn’t start after eating spicy food (her usual trigger). She said that it is so painful it is making it hard to breath and her usual salbutamol inhaler is not helping much. Alerted by these comments you ask if she is feeling any other symptoms and she says that whilst the pain in heartburn is usually in the middle of the chest today it is more up one side to her neck and shoulder. Realising what seems to be happening you ask her to sit down and call an ambulance.


1: What is Rosalie most likely suffering from?

2: What medication can be given to help Anne now?

3: When in hospital what medication will she be started to prevent it occurring again?

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