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NAPSer, Serbia

National Association of Pharmacy Students – Serbia

 NAPSer aims to create a single national center, which represents the interests of local pharmacy students in the country and abroad and helps their professional development through projects and campaigns that represent public and professional initiatives which follow the latest global trends and aspirations in pharmacy and health care.
Through the projects and campaigns which connect colleagues at home and abroad, NAPSer aims to help students become high-quality pharmacy and competent health professionals aware of the importance of pharmacy in a health system and pharmacists in the Health Care team.

What makes NAPSer Unique within our Federation?

“We have many projects which happen during whole year, but the most anticipated event is National Congress at Zlatibor! Around 300 pharmacy students of Serbia and abroad gather on the mountain Zlatibor where they have classes, educational workshops and parties for four days. Experts in pharmacy and medical sciences gather and share tehir knowledge with the students. Fresh air and lovely mountain spirit surround the students while walking, ice-skating or drinking tea! Parties have themes and each year the themes are different. However, there is one party out of three which stays the same – party with masks! So you can be a pirate, fairy, crazy scientist or anything you can imagine! The congress at Zlatibor brings the best memories. Join us this year on our 10th NAPSer congress and you will not regret it! (You can check this with Lucas Ercolin! ūüôā ).”

– ¬†Katarina Bańáevińá, CP

National ExCo Members:

*as they appear on the picture, from left to right*
  • ¬†Jovana ńĆimbur: General Secretary
  • ¬†Katarina Bańáevińá: IPSF CP
  • ¬†Jovana Petrovińá: IPSF SEO
  • ¬†NebojŇ°a Salaj: Treasurer
  • ¬†MiloŇ° ńźorńĎevińá: Webmaster
  • ¬†Ivan Milińáevińá: President
  • ¬†Smiljka Tasińá: EPSA LS
  • ¬†Marija Petkovińá: PH Coordinator


Want to learn more about NAPSer? Check out their website!

Crazy Clinical Corner Answers January and February

February Case (Cardiovascular) Answers:

Answer 1: Anne is most likely suffering from myocardial infarction (MI), commonly called a heart attack.

Answer 2: at onset of symptoms Rosalie can be given Glyceryl Trinitrate or Aspirin to try and reduce the severity of the attack.

Answer 3: after a Myocardial infarction (In Rosalie’s case most likely a Non-ST elevated MI) patients will be started on a selection of medication to try and prevent further damage to the heart this could include, a Statin, Low dose Aspirin, an antiplatelet, a beta Blocker, and Glycerol Trinitrate when needed for angina.

January Case (Cancer) Answers:

Answer 1: The medications that are being used to treat the Lymphoma are Prednisolone, Doxorubicin, Vincristine and Cyclophosphamide.

Answer 2: The Palonosetron is a strong antiemetic to prevent nausea and vomiting. The Pegfilgrastim is used to reduce neutropenia. Metoclopramide is used for breakthrough nausea and vomiting. The docusate and sennosides, are laxatives.

Answer 3: Some of the most noticeable ones have already been mentioned, nausea and vomiting, neutropenia, and constipation, some more examples are a red-orange discoloration of the urine, there is no way to manage it as it will clear on its own, but the patient should be aware of it. Oral mucositis, this can be managed with good oral hygiene, rinsing the mouth after meals, and avoiding dry food. Alopecia, there is not much that can be done to prevent it, but it is important to make the patient aware of this, so he can be prepared. Cardiac Toxicity the management is mainly through educating the patient on the risks, referring him to a cardiologist and ensuring that his lifetime exposure to the medication is below the maximum threshold.
Bonus answer: some of the tests that may be conducted are: cardiac function, hepatic function, Renal function, temperature, full blood count, urea and electrolytes, blood sugar levels, and screening for latent infections.

February Compounding Corner Answers

Were you able to correctly answer the questions to the February Compounding Corner?

  1.   A solution is a liquid preparation that contains one or more active ingredients dissolved in a suitable vehicle. In contrast to a solution, a suspension is defined as a preparation where at least one of the active ingredients is suspended throughout the vehicle (not dissolved in the vehicle) and so the preparation will require shaking before a dose is administered.
  2.   Alcohol 90% v/v is used as the solvent of salicylic acid in this preparation.
  3.   This is an unofficial formula. We have to check that all the ingredients are within a safe dosage limit and are compatible.
  4.   1g of salicylic acid dissolves in 2.2 ml of alcohol 90% v/v 8g of salicylic acid dissolves in 2.2*8=17.6 ml *0.83=14.60g of alcohol 90% v/v
  5. ¬† V=m/¬Ķ then 50g/0.89g/ml= around 56 mL so we will use a bottle of 60ml.
  6.   Salicylic and lactic acids are keratolytics. They work by breaking down the thick top layer of skin and increasing the amount of moisture in the skin. Salicylic acid causes the wart, corn, or callus to gradually peel off.
  7.   Flexible collodion works by forming a protective coating over the treated area. It helps to keep the area clean and also keeps the salicylic acid and moisture in contact with the skin.
  8.   Alcohol 90% v/v is a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor and taste.
  9.   An excipient is a substance formulated alongside the active ingredient of a medication. It is included for the purpose of long-term stabilization, bulking up solid formulations that contain potent active ingredients (e.g.: bulking agents, fillers, diluents), or to confer a therapeutic enhancement on the active ingredient in the final dosage form, such as facilitating drug absorption, reducing viscosity, or enhancing solubility. However, excipients are not intended to exert therapeutic effects at the intended dosage.
  10. The product name and list of the ingredients and their quantities,
    • Product-specific cautions : ‚ÄėFor external use only‚Äô will need to be added to the label as the product is a solution for external use ; ‚ÄėKeep out of the reach of children‚Äô ; ‚ÄėCaution: Flammable and volatile solution‚Äô
    • Directions to patient: ‚ÄėApply as directed‚Äô
    • Expiration date: It is suggested to apply a 4-week discard date as the solution contains ethanol.

Volume 3 – 19 March 2017


Grant Opportunities

Professional Development

Inter-regional Competition

The IPSF Interregional Professional Development Project which started on the 1st of March has been successful so far. The first stage of the Online PCE competition ended on the 15th of March and regional winners will be able to proceed to the final stage on the 23rd of March.

The responses gotten was very good in this first stage and IPSF members were given the platform to test their patient counselling skills.

The professional development portfolio, in collaboration with the regional working groups would like to appreciate all IPSF members who actively participated in the first stage of the patient counseling competition. Look out for the online clinical skills competition which will start in May, 2017!

Compounding Corner | Crazy Clinical Corner

New cases posted! View them here on our blog and provide us with what you think is the correct answer!


KNAPS, Korea helps plan FIP student package

Promotional Materials | Facebook Page

A promotional video was made to promote the congress, view it here.

” The student package includes not only FIP World Congress access but also accommodation for 4 Nights, breakfast, and 2 Night Events.¬† As IPSF World Congress is¬†in Taiwan¬†in August,¬†FIP World Congress in September 10th to 14th in Seoul, Korea,¬†not that far from each other,¬†would be easier for those who want to¬†experience FIP World Congress as well.”

Questions? Contact!


Women’s Day

International Women’s Day took place on March 8, and your Public Health Committee put together infographics as well as stories from members to share on social media. View articles and information on our Facebook page!


World Congress Phase 1 Ends 31 March!

Register now so you don’t miss the chance to join us in Taiwan (and don’t have to pay more to do so)!


The SEO Scoop

SEP photo contest #2 – #SEPfriendship is out! Make sure you share your memories with your SEP friends. SEP is connecting people from all around the world and it is time to prove it on Facebook. Don’t forget to put the hashtag and to tag IPSF.


Want to know more about Application form re-allocation project and how it works? You want to take the last train for SEP this summer? Listen to the SEP podcast and make sure you get in contact with your home SEO for more information which countries are offering more placements.


The past two weekends, SEOs had online meeting. They are getting prepared for hosting you, SEP students, this summer so you would have the best experience in your life. If you didn’t, you still have time to apply last minute for SEP.

Regional Events


UPSA Uganda is organizing the first Uganda pharmaceutical symposium due to tale place in April from 6th to 8th April at IMPERIAL RESORT BEACH hotel near Entebbe international airport. All participants are required to register to register before submitting their abstracts. Register online here. The deadline for submission of abstract is 31st March 2017.


APPS registration is OPEN until 6 May! Don’t miss the chance to join us in Bangkok, Thailand this summer!


New apparel announced! See it on the region’s website!


EuRO Regional Working Group Subcommittee Application is open! View the call on Facebook for more information.

Pharmacy Science Week Continues with recorded lectures on YouTube.View the lecture here!

EuRO was present at the KNPSV Personal Development Day to deliver a workshop on presentation skills! Check it out! Instagram: @ipsfeuro


PARS 2016 has been moved to Mexico City! Registration is now open, don’t delay!

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