The mission of LPSA is to improve public health by:

  • Advancing pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science;
  • Responding to national and global challenges in health, health education, and workforce strategies;
  • Serving as the national, collective voice of students and recent graduates in pharmacy;
  • Equip members for professional life in national and international settings;
  • Increase member involvement in global health;
  • Strengthen inter-professional commitment to healthcare;
  • Provide opportunities for professional development, education, and international exchange;
  • Disseminate scientific and professional knowledge;
  • Advocate for improvements to pharmaceutical education strategies;
  • Advocate for improvements to health systems.


Names of ExCo members:

  • LPSA President: Elsa Kobeissy
  • Vice President: Rayan Akkawi
  • IPSF Contact Person: Nancy Hoyeck
  • LPSA Student Exchange Officer: Farah Salhab
  • LPSA Treasurer: Carol Najd
  • LPSA Secretary: Ahmad Badr

What makes LPSA unique?

The Lebanese Pharmacy Students Association was founded in 2013 by five pharmacy students. Before LPSA’s formation, no official entity represented pharmacy students in Lebanon, with the exception of a few clubs that were usually restricted to students from particular universities and schools. LPSA aims to gather members from all over Lebanon, increase networking opportunities, and to promote public health in a country where it is much needed, through the provision of information, education, raising awareness, and a range of professional activities.

Last August, LPSA organized the first ever Lebanese Pharmaceutical Symposium including an educational symposium on sudden cardiac death, workshops tackling pharmacy practice and public health, a clinical skills event, and patient counseling event.

LPSA has also taken part, through pharmacy student volunteers, in the mobile clinic H.O.M.E’s initiative in providing free health care services to refugees every Saturday.

Not to mention, LPSA has participated in several public health activities, such as ACDC, WDD, and World Cancer Day.

And finally, LPSA’s student exchange program is finding great success and growth: more and more participants are coming to Lebanon from around the world, and more Lebanese pharmacy students sharing what Lebanon is all about.