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Volume 2 – 26 February 2017


WHSS 2017

The World Healthcare Students’ Symposium (WHSS) is the world’s biggest health students’ conference. It is held every 2 years and Rwanda is the proud host of its 7th edition to be held on November 23-27 in Kigali. The theme is: “Towards the SDGs agenda 2030: The role of a multidisciplinary approach in healthcare.” The conference aims at creating a global platform for discussions and common understanding of shared values and responsibilities for healthcare professionals. Registration will open soon! For more information, visit the event website.

Policy Brief on Migration and Youth

IPSF worked with WHSA Partners on a Policy Brief on Migration and Youth to be presented at the 2nd Global Consultation on Migrant Health, 21-23 February 2017 in Srilanka.


Registration for the 77th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is open! This year’s theme is ‘Medicines and Beyond! The Soul of Pharmacy.” FIPWCPPS will be taking place from 10-14 September in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Find more information on their website. Early bird registration ends 1 March so do not delay!

Public Health Campaigns

The SEO Scoop

  • Winners of SEP photo contest #1:
    • ASEPA, Algeria
    • ARPEC, Algeria
    • EPSF, Egypt
      • **Album with photos can be seen here.
  • There will be additional placements from March from the application form reallocation program (AF-RP). If you didn’t have chance to go on SEP and you wanted to, this might be your chance. Check with your SEO if there can be additional SEP application form for you and which countries are offering additional placements.
  • statistical data (24.2.2017)
    • RESERVED: 521
    • APPROVED: 375
    • PLACED: 126
  • Don’t forget to read SEP love stories under SEP Newscast and see how IPSF and SEP are connecting people from all around the world!

CP Corner

  • This year Ms. Yasmin Nasr Eldin, IPSF Affiliation Coordinator for the 2016-2017 mandate had decided to initiate an idea for motivating our IPSFers by sending them back in time to the powerful history of IPSF; making them live in the past history and moments. The goal was to engage and promote HLMs. HLMs (Honorary Life Members) are the IPSF members who have been honored to have life memberships. Some challenges faced include: how to reach the HLMs, especially those from decades ago (it’s like searching for gems in big deserts), how to motivate them to be involved again with us even if they are busy, and another many issues of reaching them. We are excited to share this project with you. The project was conducted on FaceBook, and the results can be seen here.
  • So far we have received interest in membership applications from 13 associations. (4 from AfRO, 2 from APRO, 1 EMRO, 1 EuRO and 5 PARO). We have already received completed applications from 2 associations (from APRO and EMRO) It looks like the IPSF family is on track to grow even larger this year!

Regional News


AfRO has released a number of interesting articles on their blog. One highlight includes How to Host an Outreach Trip. Also, check out this article about AfRO Chairperson Arinze!


APPS Registration is now open! Find information about APPS and the registration process on their FaceBook page!


EMRO: Two meetings, One place!
From the 17th to the 19th of February, EMRO Regional Working Group (RWG) held their face-to-face meeting in Cairo, Egypt. During this meeting, members of the RWG discussed and planned EMRO projects and initiatives for the rest of the mandate.
This meeting was also the opportunity for the EMRO RWG to meet with WHO EMRO representatives at the WHO EMRO Headquarters in Cairo in order to discuss future collaborations between IPSF EMRO and WHO EMRO.


EuRO held a series of webinars on 21 and 22 February by a number of prominent female scientists and international organization representatives. With it, we hope to empower our students by giving them new knowledge and even assist them in their search for personal interests.


IPSF PARO would like to share our region’s IPSF-related campaigns and experiences on Facebook with our new PAROspotlight initiative! We know our members and associations are hosting amazing events, and we would love to showcase what you’ve been doing to the rest of the world. Get started by filling out the form.

ASEPA, Algeria

17 February 2017

Congratulations to ASEPA for winning our Social Media Challenge!

ASEPA recruited over 700 members to join our IPSF Global Family Facebook Community, winning them a social media shout-out on our Instagram!

Not a part of the family yet? Be sure to join to meet members from around the world and compete in future events!

“Making Algerian pharmacy students of today,  the best leaders of tomorrow!”

This is the motto of ASEPA. When asked what sets ASEPA apart, their CP, Ziryeb, said it best:

“What makes our organization unique is the family atmosphere that prevails in the association; a strong feeling of belonging to ASEPA animates us. We all work together, we are all focused in the same direction: making Algerian pharmacy well developed, and raising awareness of the people about health problems. Our campaigns are a real success, we sensitize most often for an average of 400 people. We are now over 500 students and the family still growing!”

The Current Executive Board of ASEPA:

  • President: Ramy Chablaine
  • General Secretary: Nadjib Boukersi
  • Treasurer: Rania Oulad Abdellah
  • Contact Person: Ziryeb Kandi
  • Student Exchange Officier: Anas Yousfi
  • Public Health Chairperson: Chahrazed Saadi
  • Humanitarian Chairperson: Meriem Ould Slimane
  • Media and Publications Chairperson: Naim Hellal
  • Educational Activities Chairperson: Mohamed Sidi Ali
  • Professional Development Chairperson: Amina Boudi
  • Public Relations Chairperson: Morgane Thaminy

Want to learn more about ASEPA? Visit their Website!

Hygieia Herald

Volume 1 – 12 February 2017

IPSF Creates New Publication to Keep Members In-the-Know

Welcome the the Hygieia Herald, a new IPSF publication intended to provide members with a snapshot of what is happening in our Federation today. Stay up-to-date with upcoming deadlines, campaigns that are coming up, and see what you might have missed.


World Congress Registration is Open!

The 63rd IPSF World Congress will be taking place from 31 July to 10 August in Taipei, Taiwan. The RC has been overwhelmed with the amazing response of our members for registration. Interested in registering, or just learning more? Check out the WC Website for more information.

Trainers Development Camp

Registration is now open for the Trainers Development Camp hosted by ATEP, Tunisia. It will be taking place in Monastir from 19-24 March. Registration closes on 20 February, so do not delay!

IPSF Global Family

IPSF has created an online community for all our members to collaborate and meet. The association to have the most members join by Wednesday, 15 February will receive a social media spotlight. Don’t delay, join today!

Public Health Campaigns

Our public Health Committee has been hard at work raising awareness of multiple World Health Days so far this month. Some campaigns we have participated in so far in February:

IPSF was also proud to participate in the World Health Organization’s 140th Executive Board Meeting and deliver statements. View our statements and learn more on the Public Health Blog.

The SEO Scoop

  • New countries in SEP: UPSA, Uganda and DPCSU, United Arab Emirates
  • The First SEP podcast has been issued. Learn how to apply for SEP and what is offered. You can listen it on the SEP website under SEP podcast tab.
  • SEO introduction videos are out! Don’t miss opportunity to meet SEOs. You can find them on IPSF social media and on SEP website.
  • New SEP spotlights – Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan and Rwanda! Read sneak peak from experiences in that countries. You can find those under SEP Newscast tab on

CP Corner

Global CP Group Activity

Activity Reports: Hand-picked by the Internal Committee, check out some of the amazing event reports shared within the CP Group this month.

Coaching in Internal Relations (CIR): On February 1, 2017, the Chairperson of Internal Relations Mr. Lucas Ercolin, sent an email to the IPSF Contact Person to explain the Socialized Development* of the Coaching on International Relations – External Workshops.

The main idea of this workshop is to develop human resources on international relations for the Federation and for the future generations of pharmacists of the planet. With a holistic approach, it brings the expertise of External Organizations from civil, public and private sectors, together with the development of hard and soft skills.

Deadline: 01 – 03 – 2017

For more details information or suggestion please feel free to contact Lucas:

M8 Deal: One of the most exciting projects which are running by IPSF Internal Committee is M8 Deal. Ms. Raquel Oliveira is the in charge of this project. Already this project has become most popular among the Contact Persons. In the following part I will give short brief about the current progress and apprise of this M8 Deal Project.

M8 Deal Project started officially on January 10th. 10 groups were created, composed by 10 to 11 CPs and internal committee members in each one. The aim of the first challenge was for the CPs to get to know each other within their M8 groups and to “break the ice” amongst them. It was asked for each group to post a picture with something of the color of their M8 Deal on the current CP group in Facebook. With this project, the Internal Committee aims for an increasing confidence between CPs and between CPs and Internal Committee, therefore improving their activity and contributions to the Federation.

Coaching the Contact Person: Every start is difficult, but with the right guidance and continuous help of experienced colleagues, it gets much easier. It applies to the Contact Persons who take up the position in IPSF and all of a sudden need to be familiar with all of their duties. For this purpose, in the previous mandate the Internal Committee established the Coaching the Contact Persons Project, which aims at introducing and simplifying the CP’s work to new people on that position. The project is easily conducted thanks to enthusiastic coaches who hold sessions on a monthly basis. So far all the spots had been filled even before deadlines were closed, which gives us more ambition and reason to keep working on the project.

Update from Chairperson of World Congress: On February 4, 2017, the Chairperson of World Congress 2017 sent an email to the Global Contact Person Group to give the follow up on the World Congress Priority List. According to his email, they have already got more than 300 registrations, but most of ODs haven’t registered yet. As the deadline of the OD’s registration is 31st March. Therefore, he suggested finishing it as soon as possible which will also help CP to buy the air ticket by the cheaper price. (The price of the air ticket will increase up if you buy the ticket too late.)

Moreover, he also talked about the association priority list. He encouraged contact person to do it earlier because it will help RCs to know that who can get the reserved spots. Since the other non-OD students may fill in their identity as ODs, in order to prevent this mistake, he requested CPs kindly fill in the priority list. He also mentioned that so far they got 50% response after the last mail.

Internal Committee Notes

  • Individual Members in IPSF: According to the Individual Membership Coordinator, Mr. Peter Lee, we had 8 new individual members in this year mostly from India. To be an individual member one must contact for the application form and have to send a copy of student ID card or diploma to this email and payment procedure will begin. If one finish all these procedures their confirmation letter will be issued.

Mr. Lee also mentioned that his goal of this mandate is to promote the individual membership to encourage the students who don’t have their own association but want to join the IPSF individually and he is also expecting to make something for individual members that could gather them and make them interact with each other’s.

Regional News


Our African Regional Office has made huge strides in keeping their members informed of events happening in their region, as well as releasing articles about various public health campaigns, and member spotlights. Some examples of recent articles include:

  • World Cancer Day
  • AfRO Newsletter 7
  • Development Fund Membership Grant Winner, KePhSA
  • Many More

Read these articles and more on the AfRO Blog!


APRO recently began an Emergency Series, better equipping members on how to respond to high-stress circumstances in a way that can provide the best outcomes for the individual in need. Follow APRO on FaceBook to view the series.

There will also be an Emergency Preparedness Quiz released 13 February, so stay tuned!

APRO also has plans to honor World Congenital Heart Defect Week, and Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Follow APRO on Social Media for more information on these campaigns.


EMRO has recently created a calendar where you can find their ongoing and planned projects, and deadlines related to all EMRO events. It is  constantly being updated, upcoming events and deadlines will be added, and reminders will be sent using it.


EuRO has created an amazing campaign for the International Day for Women and Girls in Science. Don’t miss the testimonial from Professor Ježová of Slovakia! EuRO has also created a video for the campaign. Find all this and more on EuRO’s FaceBook Page!

EuRO also presented IPSF to French students during ANEPF’s GA in Strasbourg as well as a PCE preparatory workshop in order to make them more familiar with common counseling practices.


PARO has also put together an awesome campaign for International Day for Women and Girls in Science. They are also gearing up to begin promotion of the 11th PARS in Ottawa, Canada. Find this and more on the PARO FaceBook Page.


Making Home Natural Remedies for the Winter

Compounding Corner January 2016

Whether it’s winter time or soon to be, you’re likely to come down with a sore throat, a stuffed-up nose, or a cold. While medication can help reduce the symptoms you experience, a cold has no cure and it takes about seven days to resolve. Thankfully, there are many simple natural remedies to help ease the discomfort and speed a nasty cold on its way.

1.    Drink lots of fluids.

While drinking water is important throughout the year, it’s especially crucial during winter when dehydration puts you at greater risk of illness. Drinking warm water at regular intervals will help fight the common cold and reduce the inflammation in the throat along with washing out the infection. Other fluids in form of a warm soup or a fresh juice are also beneficial for replenishing the body’s lost energy. Try to make your home-made oral rehydration therapy:

Mix 6 teaspoons of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 1 L of clean drinking water (or boiled and cooled). Stir the mixture till the salt and sugar dissolve. Drink 200 mL of the solution every few hours.

Oral rehydration therapy is highly recommended to prevent and treat dehydration due to diarrhea, vomiting or fever.

2.   Inhale steam

A congested nasal passage occurs when the membranes lining the nose become swollen from inflamed blood vessels. In most cases, a stuffed nose is usually caused by a virus and typically goes away by itself within a week. You can moisten your nasal passages, open your congested sinuses and loosen up your stuffy nose by inhaling some hot steam:

Add 4 drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil to 1 cup of boiling water in a big bowl. Drape a towel over your head while leaning above the bowl. Breathe slowly through your nose for 5 to 10 minutes every few hours throughout the day.

Tea tree oil is a natural agent for curing the three main types of infectious organisms: fungus, bacteria, and virus. Eucalyptus oil acts on receptors in the nasal mucous membranes to reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion.

3.     Massage with a chest salve

Chest congestion is very similar to a stuffy nose. It is characterized by accumulation of mucus in the lower part of the respiratory system as well as inflammation of the airways. There’s a good recipe for making your own vapor rub to massage and stimulate your chest muscles and loosen up the airway:

Pour a neutral oil (such as grape seed oil, almond oil, olive oil) into a small container. Add 15 drops of a mixture of essential oils (such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender) and stir slowly. Simply rub a little on your chest in a circular motion. Breathe deeply.

4.  Gargle with warm salt water

A sore throat is usually one of the earliest symptoms of a cold or flu. Many people have found that gargling salt water is an effective way to soothe a sore or scratchy throat:

Simply stir a teaspoon of coarse salt into a large glass of hot water till all salt is melted. Once the water is warm, gargle with it and repeat every few hours if needed. Do not swallow it.

5.   Make a garlic, honey, and lemon syrup

One of these classic home remedies for cold and sore throat is comprised of three familiar ingredients-garlic, lemon, and honey. Both garlic and lemon contain anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Raw honey is an antimicrobial agent that boosts immunity and suppress cough.

Crush up 1 medium garlic clove and place it in a glass along with the juice from one half fresh lemon. Top it off with 1 teaspoon of raw honey (you can add more for better taste if you like) and then top it off with warm water. Give it a stir, and then drink entirely. Repeat 2-3 times a day for the duration of your symptoms.

Of course, if you are feeling seriously ill or your symptoms are not improving, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor.

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