“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

There has been an occasional joke that IPSF resembles a travel agency. In some ways it is. Since the day I have been involved I have traveled to many different places, met amazing people and learned more about cultures. I might not have been in contact without IPSF.

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Post-IPSF life

Dear IPSF’ers,

It is with great pleasure that I greet you today to reflect on my time within IPSF, my work and thereafter. Since 2009, when I started Pharmacy school at the National University of Rwanda, I was keen to explore what Pharmacy really was. While doing that, I came across IPSF, and IPSF defined Pharmacy more ways than I could of thought. Eventually this led to me working as Chairperson of the IPSF African Regional Office in 2012 and 2013.

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From World Cup to World Congress

Dear readers from all over the world,

My name is Lucas Ercolin, the Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Office, and this is my first post for the blog.

While I type this article, people are getting ready for the World Cup Football game of Brazil against Chile. The cars are passing (with the people inside screaming “BRAZIL!”) and the kids are wearing their flags and yellow t-shirts. I should do the same soon.

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Thinking Like I Have 2 Heads

I woke up with a terrible start, my heart crushing against my ribs. Sinking back in my pillow I wait for my heart to quieten down, and for my mind to stop racketing. Dream debris jostled disturbingly, most of which were nightmarishly riddled with scenes in which I was caught red handed in some misdemeanour. As dreams faded reality creeped in.

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